Toolilla OverviewToolilla is a portable workspace that gives you the power to build it, according to your needs. It gives you a one stop shop for your everyday tasks, so you can have a unified workspace. Toolilla contains a set of tools, each design for a specific need. Each tool can work on its own but the seamless integration between the tools is the power of the unified workspace.

Toolilla brings efficiency and productivity to your business by providing a portfolio of business oriented tools. With Toolilla you can manage your business in one place. Moreover, it goes with you wherever you go without the need to rely on (slow) internet connections or secured and expensive WIFI connections.

  • For Business: Bring efficiency and enhanced productivity to your work.
  • For Home: Spend less time managing tasks and chores and more time with your family.
  • For Students: Managing school and busy social lives. A student’s life, easier.
  • Customized: Only the tools you want and not what others think are best for you. It’s what you need that counts.


Toolilla brings your social life and your private/professional life together into one environment and thereby creates a synergy instead of distraction


Keeping yourself organized in the information age is an ever increasing challenge. Toolilla offers a range of collaborative and productivity tools to keep you on top of your information.


With Toolilla, you will never lose sight of your important stuff, even when you’re not around. Using the notification tools you will know what’s important to you and be able to react even when you’re away.


Making informed decisions is fundamental to success. Toolilla offers a suite of powerful analysis and decision-making tools so that you will always make the right decision