Toolilla is brought to you by people who’s vision is to make the user’s workspace really his workspace where he can customize it to his needs. You can purchase a bundle of tools, following are the available bundles:

Business: Includes business oriented tools to cover most of a small business requirements. The integration between the tools and the unified environment gives you a real power and more importantly, flexibility when managing your small business.

Home: These tools are oriented for personal use. Either financial related, family chores related or personal computer related tasks. Toolilla contains several tools to accommodate itself to your personal needs.

Students: Very special tools to help students manage their busy days. The student’s life has much pressure and switching between school-mode and private-mode requires very sophisticated tools to help them manage all that.

Customized: Toolilla, according to its name, is the workspace that you can build according to your needs. Why let others tell you what you need when you can have the power yourself? The customized bundle actually includes all available tools with one advantage: You pay only for what you really need.